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The microcontroller and servo motor, under the joint action of implementation of remote, the automation of artillery Angle. MCU we selected the powerful and rich peripherals AVR single chip microcomputer as main control chip, we chose a brushless dc motor servo motor as executive component. Data input and input to the upper machine keyboard input two modes, for distance and stability between MCU and PC using RS485 bus, and the internal bus USES the I2C bus; The use of motor driver chip L298N, a driver chip can drive the features we have two motors, simplifies the system load; Use the special CH454 keyboard/display chip driver keyboard and LED display, simplifies the system design; Use absolute photoelectric encoder as the measuring element to the motor of the Angle measuring and feedback to MCU, MCU by comparing try to adjust to a certain operation; Can adjust motor speed through external key, start, acceleration, deceleration, stopping have corresponding indicator light to show, to improve the operability of the system. According to the system design for us to some of the key devices for the selection, gives the hardware circuit diagram and the system as a whole, each part of system as a whole and each part of the software flow chart are given.

On the basis of this part of our system are simulated, making the control part of the PCB, part of the control circuit for the indoor debugging, results show that the design basically reached the expected requirement. Of course, there are still some problems in the system is worth our further research; Such as brushless dc motor control algorithm, the system of electromagnetic compatibility and the anti-jamming problems, these issues research was beneficial to the improvement of the system performance, it also pointed out the direction for our next research.

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